Lane G. Weinman - Owner

Preserving your hstory

Born and raised in Hollywood, California I first began my career in antique restoration in 1982. I apprenticed under the tutelage of a master carpenter who taught me many techniques and tricks of the trade that have become lost or discarded through the years.

Repairing Antique & Vintage furniture requires unique knowledge and the ability to preform specialized techniques, many that have not been used for many, many years. 

Whenever possible it is necessary to preserve and protect the original components of antique furniture to both uphold its beauty and to maintain is value.

Restoration Philosophy

Restoration work photographs

A Family Affair

Childhood memories

Strollers, cribs, high chairs, more >

Office traditionals

We’ll get that desk in great shape 

Family heirlooms

Family treasures lovingly restored

Antique rarities

Clock cases, phone boxes, more >

Many procedures and repairs can be completed right in your home, office, or even a storage facility. If you don't have the space, the time, or if repairs are just too messy I have my own repair shop as well.

Your Place or Mine?